Tuesday, January 17, 2017

GoFundMe Government

GoFundMe seems to be the ideal Republican solution to healthcare
--indeed, to the alt-right's distaste for government itself. Entirely private, voluntary, free-will offerings for sick people. Or old people who need food. Or young people who want an education. Or businesses who need roads, or CEOs who need police protection. Or groups who feel threatened by Mexico and want to rent some soldiers. If you need something, just set up a fund and ask "compassionate" fellow citizens to provide the money. No need for taxes, or vouchers, or any sort of government at all. If people find you appealing and help you, you survive and thrive; if they don't like you, you wither and die. Elegantly simple. Rousseau plus Hobbes plus Darwin plus Marx equals Billy Mays the Oxi-Clean man and Cathy Mitchell, the Crock Pot Dump lady. It's all about salesmanship and making a deal, isn't it? Online, of course.

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