Monday, October 12, 2015

Politically Correct Language Learning--(oops)--Acquisition.

Dummy, it's Istanbul (not Constantinople).

I am amazed at what a dumb teacher I used to be before I learned all the "correct" terminology (i.e. "words") for language acquisition (i.e., "learning"). Here is a modest sampling:

  • world languages (not foreign languages); 
  • productive communication (not speaking and writing);
  • receptive communication (not listening and reading); 
  • multiple intelligences (not drawing pictures and dancing in class); 
  • diversity instruction (not "share your grandma's favorite dessert"); 
  • administering a formative assessment (not giving a quiz), 
  • administering a summative assessment (not giving a chapter test); 
  • student self-esteem (not bratty defiance of classroom rules); 
  • real world language (not grammatically incorrect speech); 
  • enhancement (not games and memory gimmicks); 
  • closure (not homework assignment); 
  • instructional technology (not slideshows and movies); 
  • communication/proficiency /standards-based instruction (not teaching in whatever way gets the kids to learn the language and like the culture). 

Ah well, now I know the Truth. Too late, though. I'm retired--and thinking about taking a cruise to Constantinople. Or a windmill-tilting trip to La Mancha.