Thursday, June 2, 2016

We LOVE Trump: He's OUR Son of a Bitch

The Trump phenomenon: an oligarch worth billions (and boasting of such as a qualification for the office of President) nonetheless selling himself as an anti-oligarch and man of the people. The plebs who (as he boasts) "love" him, do so not because they really believe his faux populist, anti-oligarchy claptrap, but rather because they recognize--or at least dimly perceive--that this claptrap is simply the unvarnished, undisguised nastiness of all the oligarchs. Trump is what those other assholes also are, but un-prettified, unabashed, unselfconscious (the squirming of the Other Oligarchs at having their hypocrisy thus exposed is both palpable and satisfying).

In other words, the Trumpistas seem to be saying: "OK, we're always gonna be ruled by an SOB--that's just the way it is--so let's elect an SOB who doesn't give a shit about trying to fool us--in fact, an SOB who doesn't give a shit about those other assholes either, or about much of anything but winning. That way we'll at least have the 'consolation' of knowing what hit us when inevitably we, too, get run over by the Trump steam roller: we were in on it, you see. Trump is our son of a bitch and we love him to death (even our own)."